Hemp sativa

Sativa (Cannabis sativa) is a cannabis subspecies native to Mexico, Colombia and South Asian countries (Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia), characterized by high growth, narrow leaves and a long flowering period.

Sativa in appearance:

High bush up to 2 – 4 m (and even higher);
Elongated narrow leaves jagged along the edges;
Leaves are light green;
Loose cones.

Marijuana sativa has the following effects:

Invigorates, energizes;
Increases self-confidence;
Inspires creativity;
Hallucinations are possible;
Works as an antidepressant and improves mood;
Reduces appetite;
Sativa is ideal for daytime use.

Life cycle

In temperate climates in open ground, the already germinated Sativa seed is planted in early May, when the temperature at night does not drop below 15⁰. The growing season lasts about 6 weeks. It is worth noting that the sativa continues to grow during flowering, stretching significantly in height. Initial soil replenishment is recommended before planting the seed indoors. Fertilizers containing Ca, Mg are suitable. Soil acidity at pH 6.5-8.


9-12 weeks. Daylight hours 12/12. Watering as the top layer of the earth dries up. In grow rooms, it is desirable to maintain the humidity at 55-60%, in outdoor it is more difficult to do this. Fertilizing the soil from 5 to 8 weeks is more than desirable. Both plant and mineral complexes are suitable.


Late September – early October. Usually it takes 3-4 months after the beginning of flowering. It is important to be in time before the first frost so that all work is not wasted. The volume of the harvest varies from 300 to 700 g. For 7-10 days, stop fertilizing, otherwise the taste parameters of hemp may change.