Powerful yielding varieties from Victory Seeds

The Victory Seeds Cidbanks collection and medical marijuana doctors in oklahoma is rich in original varieties that are rightfully ranked among the best of the best. The company’s breeders are based on years of experience of their predecessors, but the priority is always dynamic development and constant improvement of genetics. This review brings to your attention high-yielding cannabis varieties. Meet:

Taste of Childhood

Bubblegum Pro is a high yielding strain with a phenomenal yield. Fuss-free, mildew- and disease-resistant, it’s the right choice for growers who are interested in higher yields without compromising on product quality. You can count on 600-800 g/m2 and it will never let you down. And if you add taste and efficiency to the mix, it’s a godsend for every grower.

Dream World

Blow Dream is one of the top ten most popular and loved cannabis hybrids in California. Maybe it’s because it always gives generous harvests, even to growers who aren’t overprotective and hardworking. Either way, it’s the right choice if you want maximum euphoric results with minimum effort. Cannabis produces large, resinous buds that can yield up to 1,500 grams per plant. How’s that for a Blow Dream?


A strong sativa effect is not the only virtue of Amnesia Haze. Advanced growers love it for its high yields and unpretentious care. Even under not too favorable conditions cannabis will be able to please the harvest of 600 grams, and if you try, then you can count on all 800 grams per square meter.

Jack Herer from Victory Seeds

The climate-tolerant, high-yielding Auto Big Angel, which impresses with its ability to produce large numbers of resinous inflorescences in all conditions, regardless of light. It’s a real home medicine cabinet for headaches, fatigue, stress and depression. A standard yield of 500 grams/m2 will make any grower happy, because you can get several such harvests a year.

Afghan traditions

An ultra-powerful autoflowering Super Mazar, enhanced by Ruderalis indica genes. The variety is resinous and fragrant, low maintenance, and genetically immune to disease and mildew. With proper care, each planted plant is quite realistic to get up to 250 grams.

White Widow

A vigorous autoflowering hybrid based on the genetics of the undisputed hit. Auto White Widow from Victory Seeds is easy to grow in indoors and adapts quickly to outside conditions when cultivated outdoors. It tolerates moderate climates and guarantees impressive yields for an autoflower – up to 250 grams per bush. The well-balanced effects of indica and sativa bring positivity to the soul and a sense of relaxation to the body.