Screen Of Green

Many budding growers are confronted with various cannabis breeding technologies that are mysterious to them. One such technique is Screen Of Green. ScrOG is a marijuana cultivation technology in which the grower deliberately restricts the vertical growth of the bush. This allows the lateral branches of the plant to develop well.

This method allows you to effectively control the height of plants, independently regulate development, form a bush, directing the plant in the direction the grower needs. As a rule, this technique is used by gardeners who have at their disposal small grow boxes. In theory, there are no restrictions on the use of technology.

ScrOG is a simple and efficient way to cultivate
One of the main conditions for the use of progressive technology is not to break the fragile stems of the plant. Therefore, experienced gardeners do not recommend starting with this technology. It is important to first gain experience, familiarize yourself with the features of the structure, the development of various cultures, and study their flexibility.

It is advisable to use the Green Screen:

If you are an experienced gardener;
Provided that you are not afraid to turn the growroom into a small jungle;
When one variety of marijuana is grown;
Continuous cultivation (dynamic equilibrium system);
The main differences of the ScrOG technology
The purpose of the technique is to achieve premature flowering of all branches of one bush. This allows the maximum number of specimens to be bred in one room. This technology makes it possible to obtain the maximum yield with the minimum investment of time. In other words, the plant skips the rooting stage and begins active growth.

The main disadvantage of this technique is the inability to individually care for individual plants. When the plants begin to bloom, they grow almost uncontrollably.

Among the advantages of ScrOG, it is worth noting:

All inflorescences receive the same amount of light;
Increased productivity;
Even a small area turns into a garden (the ability to grow up to 5 bushes per 1m2);
What is Green Screen technology?

The main attribute of the system is considered to be a mesh on a frame made of wood or aluminum. Often, growers use bamboo slats to stretch the net onto. Mesh cells are of various sizes (4-10 cm), the frame is placed at a height of 10 to 60 cm (depending on the type of plant) above the planting site. As the plants develop, they will reach the mesh and will no longer be able to reach up.

When the bush fills about 70% of the grid, the photoperiod is changed. So the plant moves faster to the flowering phase. The gardener needs to make sure that all the plants are getting enough water. At this time, the bushes no longer need anything. It is believed to be best applied when breeding sativa. But it is noted that other types of marijuana can be adapted to Screen Of Green technology.