Powerful yielding varieties from Victory Seeds

The Victory Seeds Cidbanks collection and medical marijuana doctors in oklahoma is rich in original varieties that are rightfully ranked among the best of the best. The company’s breeders are based on years of experience of their predecessors, but the priority is always dynamic development and constant improvement of genetics. This review brings to your […]

Cannabis varieties for outdoor cultivation

Outdoor cultivation is the process of cultivating a plant outdoors in its natural environment. It is considered the easiest way to grow cannabis. The grower does not need to control light conditions, transplant, etc. Growing cannabis outdoors is not limited to pot size or floor space. This allows her to maximize her growth potential and […]

Hemp sativa

Sativa (Cannabis sativa) is a cannabis subspecies native to Mexico, Colombia and South Asian countries (Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia), characterized by high growth, narrow leaves and a long flowering period. Sativa in appearance: High bush up to 2 – 4 m (and even higher); Elongated narrow leaves jagged along the edges; Leaves are light green; Loose […]

Screen Of Green

Many budding growers are confronted with various cannabis breeding technologies that are mysterious to them. One such technique is Screen Of Green. ScrOG is a marijuana cultivation technology in which the grower deliberately restricts the vertical growth of the bush. This allows the lateral branches of the plant to develop well. This method allows you […]

Indica hemp

  The homeland of indica cannabis is considered to be the Hindu Kush mountain range, which occupies part of the territory of Afghanistan and Pakistan. It was from there that he got to the surrounding areas, and then further. Today, the largest plantations of this plant can be found not only in these two countries, […]